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Refractory Sheet Moldable Sleeving

A Case History


Refractory Sheet Moldable Sleeving Out Performs Asbestos 10 to 1


User: Beaumont Glass Co., Morgantown, W.V.,U.S.A.

Application: Refractory Sheet Moldable Sleeving is used as a cover for "rings" and "saddles" in the annealing of hand blown glassware.

How RS Moldable Sleeving is used: Refractory Sheet Moldable Sleeving, ˝" I.D. and 1" I.D. is applied to the stainless steel rings and saddles by wetting the steel and simply sliding the sleeving over the steel annealing supports. With a knife, or scissors, RS Sleeving is cut to size. It is air dried and immediately put into service. Round or complex glass objects are placed on the RS Sleeving covered supports and placed on the metallic belts in Beaumont’s three large annealing lehrs. The annealing cycle is a 2 hr. cycle reaching temperatures as high as 1300F.

Benefits of using RS Moldable Sleeving: According to Beaumont’s Production Manager, Mr. Tom Mason, ZIRCAR’s Refractory Sheet Moldable Sleeving made a believer out of me. It also made believers out of my workers. Prior to incorporating RS Moldable Sleeving into our operation," Mason said, "an eight year search for an asbestos sleeving substitute revealed nothing but let downs. ZIRCAR’s RS Sleeving is an excellent product that is providing long term performance."

  • RS Sleeving has saved many man hours by eliminating the need to secure the asbestos sleeving to the steel supports.
  • RS Sleeving’s high alumina content and moldability have eliminated all sticking and scratching problems.
  • RS Sleeving is available in several different diameters and in rolls up to 100 ft long.
  • RS Sleeving outperforms woven asbestos sleeving 10 to 1.


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