ZRCI Introduces High Strength Alumina Composite

 ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc., (ZRCI), Florida, NY, USA is proud to announce the introduction of Refractory Sheet Type RS-99. Type RS-99 is a medium-density fiber reinforced ceramic composite material with greater than 99% Alpha-Alumina purity.  It has a fired density of 2.1 gm/cc (130 lb/ft3) which allows it to be machined to tight tolerances with standard tooling, and is useful for applications in excess of 1650C (3002F).   

Type RS-99s high Alumina content is ideal for high vacuum, reducing atmospheres and other applications where silica cannot be tolerated, such as in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and setters for P/M and MIM sintering applications. Refractory Sheet Type RS-99 is available in three versions:

        Type RS-99M is a highly plastic moldable sheet ideally suited for forming custom geometry.

        Type RS-99W boards can be moistened with water and molded into any desired shape. After low temperature bake-out of 300C (570F) material is unaffected by moisture.

        Type RS-99R boards are prefired and are unaffected by moisture. They remain rigid even if saturated with water.

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