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Refractory Sheet Type 100

A Case History


User: McDonnell Aircraft

Div. of McDonnell Douglas

St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

Application: Superplastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding of Titanium Aircraft Parts. In this process, metallic alloys are heated to 1650F-to a plastic state-then formed over a die.

How RS-100 is used: The steel box, which contains the forming die, is lined with RS-100. On the sidewalls: 1" thick RS-100 boards are machined and sandwiched into 5" wide x 18" tall wedges. Stainless steel wires and buttons are used to laminate the 1" boards together. The RS-100 wedges are placed along the perimeter of the box. For the floor: depending on which die is in use, thick layers of RS-100 are built up over a layer of lower density insulating board. Stainless steel wear surfaces are placed over the RS-100.

Benefits of using Refractory Sheet Type 100:

  • Before specifying RS-100, many die box linings of hydraulic refractories and 50 lb. Foam blocks were used. Each lining required casting or machining. The problem was that a forming temperature of 1650F, 300psi Argon gas pressure and dies weighing up to 1000 lbs. Combined to crush most other insulating products. RS-100 withstands these conditions, and holds the forming die in steady compression.
  • RS-100 helps to hold the die in place, which enhances proper forming of the alloy sheet.
  • According to Mr. Miles Zeller, Tooling Specialist at McDonnell Aircraft, "Refractory Sheet Type 100 is exhibiting extended life in the Superplastic Forming Process." He said "RS-100 has the strength at temperatures we require".
  • RS-100 is readily machinable with most standard tooling.


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