ZRCI RS-100 a fiber reinforced structural Alumina composite.

 ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc., (ZRCI) Florida, NY is proud to announce the introduction of Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 in new larger size boards. It is now available in 48 x 48 as a standard size.

 Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 is a fiber reinforced structural Alumina composite with useful properties in thermal, structural and electrical insulation applications, as well as in the transport of molten non-ferrous metals to 1260OC(2300OF). Type RS-100 has compressive and flexural strengths in the range of high temperature reinforced plastics, such as G-10 laminates, but retains its strength and utility to levels far exceeding the maximum use temperatures of plastics. The mechanical properties of RS-100 exceed those of all calcium-silicate materials, as well as Transite and other asbestos cement materials, over all temperature ranges. Therefore, Type RS-100 not only makes an excellent replacement for rigid asbestos-containing products, but it can also be employed at much higher temperatures. Type RS-100 is 100% inorganic, non-flammable and contains no asbestos. Its high Alumina content makes it highly resistant to many environments, including molten non-ferrous metals, and it undergoes no out-gassing upon heating. It is not brittle and has high impact properties. RS-100 may be cut and machined with standard tooling.

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