ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. produces a comprehensive line of advanced high performance ceramic-ceramic composite materials and related products. Our materials are used around the world in the most demanding thermal, structural and electrical insulating applications ranging in temperatures from 600C(1112F) to 1650C(3002F). For over twenty-five years, we have been a problem-solver working with our customers to resolve their thermal management problems. We have developed products that have become industry standards for induction melting, forging and heat treating applications, investment casting, glass processing, hot pressing, as well as many high temperature electrical applications.


Application Sheet


Application: Induction Coil Liners for Aluminum Billet Pre-Heating

Product: RS-101 Cylinders.

Application Information: In this application, ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-101 Cylinders are used as induction coil liners for the heating of Aluminum Billets to 900C(1678F). The RS-101 Cylinders were machined to make lap joints so that the cylinders could be connected to form one continuous horizontal cylinder having a total length of 180". The aluminum billets are heated to a plastic state, in the induction furnace, prior to extrusion. The RS-101 cylinders directly replaced Transite pipe which had previously failed in this application.


RS-101 acts both as a induction coil liner which retains the heat necessary to pre-heat the aluminum billets and as a heat sheild used to protect the coil from excess heat;

RS-101 is an exceptional replacement for Transite pipe due to its superior strength properties and structural integrity;

RS-101 is also an electrical insulator;

These RS-101 cylinders were produced to specialized customer specifications and drawings.



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